Course Description

This course is specifically directed towards fishing vessel operators and deals with the basic theory and application of construction and stability as it applies to fishing vessels in various conditions of load. Participants will gain an understanding of the principles on which fishing vessel stability is based that allows for the safe operation of fishing vessels under various conditions of load.

Course Outline

1.0 Basic Ship Measurement and Design Terminology
2.0 Hull Shapes and Structural Terminology
3.0 Transverse Stability Principles and Terminology
4.0 Interpreting Righting Lever Curves
5.0 Principles of Free Surface Effect, Freeboard and Reserve Buoyancy
6.0 Anti Roll Devices and Vessel Stability
7.0 Vessel Modifications and its Effect on Stability
8.0 Interpreting Stability Booklet Data
9.0 Effect of Fishing Operations on Vessel Stability
10.0 Environmental Effects on Stability





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